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Woman Stalked in Garage

"Our App along with our computer software is Victim-Centered, geared for Law Enforcement and designed to assist in Prosecution and those who Advocate for Victims"


Empowers victim's by giving them the innovative technology in real-time

in the palm of their hands.

GPS Tracking

 When activated, it will provide the designated admin the location of the victim, while live tracking the victim. This will allow dispatch to assist the responding officer by giving GPS location of the victim, where time is imperative to the victim’s safety.

Evidentiary  Data

Collects evidentiary data sent by the victim in the form of images, audio and/or video. This evidence is crucial to the case as it goes through the investigation and prosecution phase of the judiciary system.


Increasing the safety and protection

to give the victim and their loved ones

the ability to seek help with the use of technology.

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