Our Approach

Victims have the right to have their security and privacy considered, to have reasonable and necessary protection from intimidation and retaliation, and to ask that their identity not be publicly released.

Justice Alert Technology provides victims with more meaningful participation in the criminal justice system through changes that:

  • Provides judges with the records of bail proceedings that they have considered the victim’s safety and security;

  • Add the acknowledgement of harm done to victims and the community as a sentencing objective under the Criminal Code;

  • Allow victims to use a testimonial aid when they present their victim impact statement in court;

  • Provide a standard form for victim and community impact statements to ensure consistency in how victims describe to the court the impact the crime had on them, including any physical or emotional harm, property damage, or financial loss; and

  • Allow victims to include a picture or a drawing in their victim impact statement if this helps them to better express the impact the crime had on them.

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