A victim is defined as a person who has suffered physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss as a result of a crime. 


Although a victim of crime is not a party in criminal proceedings, they play a vital role in the criminal justice process. Their testimony is a very important part of the prosecutor’s case against the accused

Victims of crime should be able to exercise their rights while an offence is being investigated or prosecuted and while the offender is going through the corrections or conditional release process.   

If a person is afraid that an individual (the defendant) will harm them, or their children or their property, they can seek a peace bond or recognizance.


A peace bond is a court order  that requires the defendant to “keep the peace” for a certain length of time and to obey any other conditions of the peace bond. A peace bond is not a criminal conviction. 


However, our technology has made it easier and safer for victims to report crime and for them to feel safe 24 hours a day with their cell phone. The innovative Victim Initiated  Notification by (JAT) makes it easy and quick to report when a victim is in fear of danger.

With VIN, the local police department or organization will  receives  an exclusive PC Dispatch Interface to receive all alerts and notification from the witnesses or victims who as be assigned the VIN App. 


The victim inputs their information and pertinent details into the phone app. Then, if a confrontation or other activity takes place, individuals don’t have to take time to dial 911. The full power and functionality of The VIN app is activated with a single tap to report criminals.

When activated, the app immediately notifies the case investigator and provides a direct line to the police. It automatically displays the victim’s profile on the 911 operator’s PC interface screen, the perpetrator information, and the connection between the individuals so police are able to instantly understand why the victim is being threatened.


The app records audio and video of any interaction with the criminal if a confrontation occurs. It’s equally applicable for reporting if a criminal begins lurking around an individual’s home, school or work, follows or calls them, or otherwise tries to interact. It’s critical that witnesses and victims document these types of harassing behaviors.

The VIN app provides witnesses and crime victims with a fast and efficient way to notify authorities if they’re threatened, harassed or confronted by a perpetrator they’ve helped to put behind bars. 

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